A and B
Abnormal, abraded, adventurous, agile, aimless, antsy, arthritic, artificial, atrophied, attractive, awkward, bandaged, bare, beribboned, birdlike, blistered, bony, bootless, bouncy, bound, brave, bristly, bumbling

Capable, careless, catlike, cautious, chafed, chained, chubby, chunky, clammy, clean, clumsy, clunky, cold, concealed, confident, contaminated, contrary, cool, cumbersome

D and E
Dainty, damp, daredevil, dauntless, decrepit, delicate, determined, diminutive, dirty, disobedient, dogged, double-jointed, doughy, dripping, dry, dusty, eager, effeminate, elephantine, elfin, energetic, enormous, errant, exposed

Fast, fat, fatigued, fearless, feckless, feminine, fettered, fidgety, filthy, fine-boned, flagging, flaky, fleet, fleshy, flexible, floppy, floury, foolhardy, foolish, footsure, foul, fragile, fragrant, frail, freakish, freaky, frisky, frosty, furrowed, furry, furtive, fuzzy

Gangling, ginormous, girly-girl, gnarled, gooey, gorgeous, gouty, graceful, graceless, greasy, grimy, gritty, grotesque, grubby, grungy, gung-ho, gunky, gutsy

H and I
Hairless, hairy, half-grown, hasty, heavy, hesitant, hidden, hideous, high-maintenance, hobbled, humongous, huge, icy, immaculate, impatient, impeccable, impetuous, imprisoned, inaudible, incapable, indefatigable, inept, infected, inflamed, inflexible, intrepid, invisible, irritated

J to L
Jumbo, klutzy, knobbly, lame, leaden, lean, leathery, Lilliputian, limber, limp, listless, lithe, little, lively

M and N
Maimed, maladroit, mammoth, manacled, mangled, manicured, manly, masculine, massive, meaty, metal, misshapen, moist, monstrous, mucky, muddy, muffled, muscular, mutinous, naked, nervous, nimble, noiseless, numb

O and P
Obdurate, odd, oily, overconfident, oversized, padded, painful, pampered, paralyzed, patient, peculiar, pedicured, peeling, persistent, perverse, petite, plump, poky, porky, powerful, powerless, prodigious, pudgy, puffy, puny, purposeful

Q and R
Raw, rebellious, relentless, reluctant, reptilian, repulsive, resolute, restive, restless, rheumatic, roaming, roly-poly, rough, roving, rugged

Sandaled, sand-covered, scabrous, scaly, scrubbed, sensitive, shackled, shaggy, shaky, shod, shriveled, silent, silky, sinewy, skeletal, slimy, slippered, slippery, slow, sluggish, smooth, sneaky, sodden, soft, soggy, sooty, sore, spindly, sprightly, springy, spry, spunky, squishy, stalwart, stealthy, steel-toed, sticky, stiff, stinky, stockinged, strong, stubborn, sturdy, supple, sure-footed, swaddled, swathed, sweaty, swift

Tenacious, tender, ticklish, tiny, tired, tireless, toasty-warm, too-large, tough, translucent, trapped, troublesome, twisted

Ugly, unattractive, unblemished, unbound, uncomfortable, uncooperative, uncoordinated, underdeveloped, unerring, unfettered, unflagging, ungainly, unhurried, unprotected, unseen, unsightly, unstable, unsteady, unswerving, unusual, unwashed, unwieldly, unwilling, upturned, useless

V to Z
Visible, vulnerable, wandering, wayward, weak, weary, weather-beaten, wee, weird, well-upholstered, wet, withered, wizened, wrapped


A to M
Angular, arched, asymmetrical, blocky, broad, cavoid, Celtic, clubbed, crippled, crooked, deformed, distorted, Egyptian, flat, Germanic, Giselle, Greek, hammer-toed, high-arched, long, mallet-toed

N to Z
Narrow, Neanderthal, neutral arch, peasant, pes cavus, pes planus, pes valgus, pigeon-toed, pronated arch, rectus, Roman, rounded, shapeless, slim, splay-footed, square, stubby, stumpy, supinated arch, symmetrical, talipes cavus, tapered, web-toed, wide


A to C
Abandon, ache, adhere, advance, angle, arch, ascend, balloon, bang, bleed, block, blunder, bounce, bound, bulge, burn, cake (with sand, mud, etc.), caper, cavort, climb, cling, clomp, conquer, crack, cramp, creep, crush, curl

D to F
Dance, dangle, dawdle, descend, dilly-dally, disobey, droop, expand, extend, fail, falter, fatigue, file, flap, flatten, flex, float, flop, flounder, follow, founder, fracture, freeze, frisk, frolic

G to M
Galumph, gambol, glide, go, grow, halt, harden, hit, hobble, hop, hurdle, hurry, inflame, jig, jump, kink, lag, leap, lengthen, limp, lollygag, lumber, lurch, march, meander, misstep, mosey, mount, move

N to R
Navigate, obey, ooze, pace, pad, parade, patrol, persist, perspire, pitter-patter, plod, poke, pound, prance, press forward, prickle, pulse, pussyfoot, quit, reek, remain, rollick, romp, rub

Scale, scamper, scoot, scurry, scuttle, shamble, shift, shuffle, skate, ski, skip, slide, slip, slog, smack, smart, sneak, spill (out of one’s shoes), splash, splay, spread, spring, stagger, step, stick, stiffen, sting, stink, stir, stomp, stop, straggle, strike, stroke, struggle, stumble, sway, sweat, swell, swing

T to Z
Tangle, tap, tense, throb, thump, tighten, tingle, tire, touch, toughen, trail (after), tramp, tread, trip, tromp, troop, trudge, turn, twitch, wander, weaken, widen